Fifth Street Technologies Mission Statement

To provide our customers measurable results and achieve mission goals through world class engineering resources with customer first mind-set.

To provide our employees a collaborative environment to learn and grow in an company that respects individuality and open communication.

Fifth Street engineers are trained to lead and engage in projects based on the Fifth Street Engagement Model:


Asses existing network and performing a gap analysis to determine whether the existing system infrastructure, sites, and the operational environment can support the proposed solution. Provide plan that aligns with the scope, cost, and resources of business requirements.


Provide requirements that were derived in the planning phase with comprehensive detailed design that meets current business and technical requirements, and incorporates future needs to support availability, reliability, security, scalability, and performance.


components are incorporated according to the design specifications, with the goal of integrating without disrupting the existing infrastructure


Final test of the appropriateness of the design, involves maintaining network health through day-to-day operations, including maintaining high availability and reducing expenses. Integrate fault detection, correction, and performance monitoring for daily operations and provide the initial data for the optimization phase.


Proactive management of the network which identifies and resolves issues before they affect the organization.  Review network design and drive changes if too many network problems and errors arise, if performance does not meet expectations, or if new applications are identified to support organizational and technical requirements

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